Pre-ICO starts: March 1, 2018


Rental of equipment and goods

for business and individuals

Long-term lease with an option

to purchase and short-term rental

Exchange, return, warranty, service, secondhand sale


  • 18.01.2018 - project start;
  • 24.01.2018 - starting Bounty section on Bitcointalk;
  • 30.01.2018 - opening of the English part of the site;
  • 01.02.2018 - start Bounty-program


  • Awaiting first marketing stage on 01 March 2018




  • 2006 – entry into the market of equipment for retails and Horeca (hotels, restaurants and bars);
  • 2011 – launch of the commission line for dealing with used equipment;
  • 2014 – launch of short-term and Long-term equipment rental (without an option to purchase).


  • We have our own fleet of equipment (100 units), which is mainly for long term rental;
  • Working with legal entities (limited liability companies, individual entrepreneurs) and individuals.
  • The scheme for investors attraction is implemented in physical terms. That means, clients provide us their products in trust for their further rent out.
  • We are monopolist of short-term and Long-term rental services in our region and in our market segment.


Parent company web-site: www.melna.ru


Unfortunately, long-term rent without buy-out is not suitable for companies with stable turnover.

In this case, they want possibility to transfer rental into ownership or purchase it. Current specifics of the classic leasing companies is that some restrictions are imposed on the range of products, and most importantly, on minimum amount of contract costs, which are often several times higher than the amount of the required funding.

That means, there is a dropdown segment of customers with the required financing up to 500 thousand rubles approximately (about $10,000).


We work even with one item of goods, for any period starting from one month, with the option of return and exchange.

We provide service, run stable sales channel for the returned used products.

That means, the complete cycle company is implemented!


For proper work in B2B segment with the option to further buy-out large amounts are required for initial purchase of equipment. Products are purchased at the manufacturing plants promptly upon the client's request.


The American company Rent-A-Center (rentacenter.com) with about 2,500 stores in the U.S.A., Mexico and Canada can be mentioned as an example of business working in the B2B segment. The company is focused only on the individuals, offering domestic products: from cell phones to refrigerators and furniture. There is a unit for working with franchisee in the North America.


For working on the B2C market it is necessary to develop retail points of service, besides having sufficient amounts for purchase of the goods.


Our team does not use the trendy term "decentralization". We understand that it is pointless to create a common platform for services of rental / rental with an option to purchase in our segment of the market. This is due to the different working conditions in each region, personal working environment for each client.

We focus on urgent needs of investors, namely, on their desire to obtain stable profits over a long period of time.


Relying on years of our experience on working in the B2B segment, and borrowing everything significant from foreign projects, we are aimed at implementing the service (RentaCity) for comprehensive customer care in all market segments.

Our task is to implement and expand firstly the service of long-term rental  with an option to purchase for B2B, without abandoning the related businesses.


Thus there is a complete cycle of goods circulation: purchase of goods at dealer prices, long-term lease out with an option to purchase, warranty and post-warranty service, sale of the goods in the secondary market or re-lease in case of early termination of the deed.


  • To expand activity on trust management of property of investors-landlords, as an additional business line. The scheme has already been implemented and is applied on some contracts.
  • To expand the range to at least presentation and construction equipment, and to construction machinery at most.
  • To extend geographical coverage to other regions - primarily in the million cities.
  • To offer the scheme of franchise work for remote cities and large markets.


To offer p2p functionality on lease/exchange/sale of goods. Separately, this line is not viable, but can work well in the overall ecosystem, in which our company will act as the guarantor of deals.





Project mission:

  • The B2B segment: To provide the business with the chance for equipping and re-equipping of their facilities without using credit funds.
  • The B2C segment: To enable use of the mass-market products under lease with an option to purchase, return, and, most importantly, free exchange for a new product.
  • The P2P segment: Services on lease/exchange/sale of goods between our clients, where the platform will act as a catalogue of proposals and the guarantor of deals.


Commercial value to the company:

  • purchase of products at dealer prices;
  • regular income from rental payments;
  • margin from sales of the used goods;
  • additional supply of associated goods for the facilities against prepayment;
  • receiving royalties and franchise fees from franchisees;
  • post warranty service.


Technical part and innovation:

  • our platform uses blockchain technology based on smart contracts, Ethereum, which makes the company's financial operations completely transparent;
  • currently the system is implemented on the engine of CS-Cart online store with local accounting system integration;
  • for complex equipment we use (Starline M17) trackers for following the goods via GPS and cellular network towers.
  • for scaling the project and best integration with local accounting systems we need to redesign the platform software;
  • development of tenant, investor, franchisee offices is required;
  • mobile client needs to be developed for the tenant and the investor;
  • increased number of payment options is required.



RentaCity is a smart contract, Ethereum, written using the Solidity programming language. It allows you to issue tokens in Ethereum network and provides a wide range of options.

REC is a token issued based on the RentaCity contract.


The basic rate: 1 token (REC) is equivalent to 1/1200 ETH.


No initial tokens issue. A token is created upon purchase and will be credited to the investor's purse. Number of REC tokens produced at each ICO step will be strictly limited and correspond to the intended purposes. The amount of the proposed tokens, as well as rates to Ethereum can be adjusted and set prior to each round of financing, after analyzing of the current market situation and summarizing the results of the previous steps.


There is no limit on the maximum number of tokens to be purchased by one person. However, the purchase amount may be limited after adoption of the new law of the Russian Federation.


Tokens will be implemented in several stages. RentaCity reserves the right to offer special conditions of sales to the strategic customers and partners.


Benefits for the investors and the users of the service:

  • Use of the token as an internal bonus units to account for discounts and other benefits to holders of tokens. In case of amendments to the law of the Russian Federation, tokens may be used as a full-fledged internal settlement unit.
  • The investor will receive additional revenue from future increases in the price of the token and operating the tokens on the exchange.
  • The company proceeds on the basis that it attracts money from private and institutional investors and will act in their interests and for them to gain profit. At least 30% of quarterly net profits will be paid out. The company will convert the received net profit into the Ethereum crypto currency on a quarterly basis at the current market rate and distribute it proportionately among all holders of the REC token.
  • The start date of accruals – since the 2nd month after start of stage #2.


What is Renta.City?

It is a service of providing goods for rent with further purchase. We are going to combine our experience in the B2B segment with a well-known experience of the American

company Rent-A-Center (rentacenter.com) working with individuals.


Why are not tokens issued immediately, but in stages?

Our project requires continuous development, involving several stages and requiring own minimum and maximum amounts of funding (see more details in WP). Moreover,

we want to earn trust of our investors, by showing dynamics of the project development, reporting on each of them.


Why is the softcap amount so small in the first stage?

The thing is that the first stage is a marketing stage, when we try to understand the level of crypto-investors' interest to our project. The recruited softcap will be the marker

of existing interest, and allow us to take the next steps to advance the project.


Why is not it easier to get a bank loan or arrange a lease for a client?

B2B: Unfortunately, banks do not consider professional equipment as reliable security. For this type of goods the security discount is up to 70%. Leasing companies offer

minimum transaction limit from 500 to 750 thousand rubles. Our service works even with one item!

B2C: We will check the individual for the credit reference bureaus, but it will not be a determining factor for the decision on conclusion of the transaction. Increased interest

under agreement compensate for additional risks. Currently, the margins on the lease WITHOUT option to purchase is from 60 to 200% per annum depending on the type

of product and its purchase price. The company's margins on rentals with an option to purchase will be at least 60-80% per annum.


What are benefits for tenants?

The organization or individual will be able to get the goods for rent. Short term rental - for holding for an event. For completing the facility or long-term domestic use - long-

term lease with further purchase.


What is the difference from a bank loan?

Firstly, it is possibility to return the item at any time and/or exchange it for a new one. We will provide the customer with a free service, delivery service and return policy.

In case of early return of the goods the paid sums will be reserved for the client for 2 years, he can use them when concluding the following contracts or purchasing any

new or used products from our company.

The tenant will be able to pay tokens for goods and services inside the system.


ICO stages and minimum funding amounts

We divided ICO process into stages - see more details in Whitepaper.

The list of implementation steps will depend on the total funding volume.


Our Team?

Staff hired to work on the project consists of 5 people:

  • Dmitry Pozdnyakov - the Founder;
  • Irina Baranova -  the Financial Director;
  • Sergey Semenov - the Lawyer/Advisor.
  • Oksana Kryukova - the Client Manager;
  • Rinat Abdreev - the Programmer.



Priority channels for communication - Telegram and Email.


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